The War On Toddlerism
Treating children as young as four as sexual deviants, criminals and subversives emphasizes slip towards the police state

Steve Watson
Thursday, December 21, 2006

Nothing emphasizes the decline of America into an authoritarian police state more than the treatment of children as possible enemies, deviants or criminals. A few cases, involving very young children, have caught our attention this month that indicate in the current climate any sniff of power is corrupting absolutely those who believe they have it.

The AP reported today that a five year old boy has been accused of sexually harassing a kindergarten classmate:

Washington County school officials told Charles Vallance that his son pinched a girl's buttocks earlier this month in a hallway at Lincolnshire Elementary School. The school says that meets the state's definition of sexual harassment.

The father of the child insists that his son knows nothing about sex and was just playing. Nevertheless the "offence" will remain on the child's file.

This is not an isolated case. The same report from the AP says that in Marlyland alone, where this incident took place, 28 kindergarten students were suspended for sex offenses in the last school year - 15 of those suspensions for sexual harassment.

Earlier this month a four year old boy was accused of "improperly touching" a female school employee. The principal of La Vega Primary School sent a letter to the parents of the boy that said the pre-kindergartener demonstrated "inappropriate physical behavior interpreted as sexual contact and/or sexual harassment."

The school says that the boy rubbed his face in the chest of the employee. Again the parents were outraged insisting that a four year old cannot know what it means to act sexually.

What kind of sick light does this put America into where teachers and school officials are suspending children barely beyond the age of toddlers for sexual deviancy?

Just because adult culture has become saturated in sex does not mean that children no longer have innocent minds and must be treated as if they are corrupted little perverts.

Furthermore, the double standards on display here are astounding given that kindergarten children are now being taught sex education in some schools. Some even go as far as to have "diversity" programs whereby kids as young as four and five are taught about gay sex. One Father in Lexington was jailed for opposing this, as if he was some kind of evil person for not wanting his child, a baby barely out of nappies, to be taught anything about sex, especially gay sex.

''This is not about creating a forum for hate . . . for any segment of society," Mr Parker said after his arraignment. ''I'm just trying to be a good dad."

The war on toddlerism doesn't stop with sex either.

There have been all kinds of cases all over the country that paint a picture postcard which illustrates the downfall of America into a police state divorced from any form common sense or reason. Here is a short list of links you can check:

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Last month we also reported the story of a fifth grader named 'Mark' who called in to Alex Jones' Infowars TV show by phone and reported that he had been sent home with a disciplinary report for visiting 9/11 Truth websites such as Infowars.com.

Mark's father revealed that the school has also approached him, recommending a psych test for behavior such as "running" and "making farting noises." Indeed every child would be subject to behavioral testing under The President's "New Freedom initiative."

Meanwhile, schools like Lee Middle School in Wyoming, Michigan conduct drills where police officers burst in and point guns at children's heads, all without informing the students or the school beforehand. "Some parents," the AP reported, "were upset."

"Some kids were so scared," said Marge Bradshaw, the mother of one of the students, "they wet their pants."

This is part of a chilling effect to nullify even the pursuit of freedom of speech. How does it reflect upon the nature of discourse in a free society when even the principal of an elementary school feels the need to crush the desire of enquiring young minds who are simply trying to learn more about the seminal event in American history?

Schools are being transformed into prisons where freedom of thought and expression in education has given way to an enflamed environment of paranoid suspicion.

Beyond schools, baby milk is being taken from mothers at airports and babies are being put through x-ray machines because they could be terrorists.

In a broader sense this is indicative of the decline of everything good about America. When it has got to the point where children are looked upon as possible sex criminal terrorists what hope do fully grown citizens have of not being treated in the same manner?




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