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Understanding the Police State

Police State cartoon

"As the state relinquishes its administrative responsibility to society, and as the wrath of the people breaks through the forms of struggle that managed and contained the social struggle in past epoch, the state is bound to turn more and more toward open brutality and repression without due process. We see this at the street level in the extra-legal executions by the police, and we see it globally when "rogue" nations are bombed in violation of international law." -- from Social and Political Response, supporting report for the Political Resolution

Articles and documents on the Police State:

Police terror in America
What we are seeing today is the beginning of the process of the state separating itself from the people. This is reflected in the growing violence and brutality of the police, and also in the new laws granting the police greater powers and giving them responsibilities that have traditionally been handled by civilian authorities.

Editorial: Disgust at police tactics shows people are open to new ideas
The system of police, courts, laws --known as the state -- is designed to protect private property and to guarantee that the ruled submit to the interests of the rulers. It is crucial to the operation of the capitalist system and to the preservation of the capitalist class that those who are ruled believe in the institutions of the state and in the authority of those who rule over them.

It is this fact that makes the American people's growing disgust with the tactics of the police, and the legal system in general, so important to revolutionaries.

Organization and unity against police violence
Statement from the Editorial Board of the People's Tribune/Tribuno del Pueblo

A huge historical force is rising to meet the challenge that history has placed before us. It is rising in the slums of the cities and among the scattered pockets of the rural poor. It is rising among all those demanding a just and decent society. It is a force rooted in the struggle of a new social class being created from the millions who are being cast out of the old economy as the new one is born. This new class of poor is forced to fight for a new kind of society, free of want and poverty. The new class is the bridge from the injustices we are all fighting against to the new world we are fighting for.

Global fascism: response to global class struggle
From Rally, Comrades!

A blizzard of court rulings, Supreme Court decisions, new laws and various governmental policies are literally transforming the legal system in this country and thereby, the foundation of American political rights. Among the countless examples are the gutting of the Fourth Amendment, the chipping away of basic rights of privacy, and the serious inroads made into a variety of constitutional protections including the freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and due process. As a result, the coercive power of the state has been greatly increased. Police at all levels operate virtually unchallenged, prison budgets exceed those of education in many states, over 5 million Americans are either in prison or under some form of legal sanction. In some cities, entire neighborhoods are under electronic surveillance.

Understanding the Police State
Papers from the LRNA conference

The League of Revolutionaries for a New America convened a special conference in July, 1995 to discuss various aspects of the looming police state, and the tasks of revolutionaries. These are the papers presented at that conference.

Other Links of Interest:

Lock Down USA logoLock Down USA is a network providing news, facts and resources by state about the American prison industry and Criminal Justice System to prisoners, concerned citizens and activists around the country. It's part of the Deep Dish TV Network.

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