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Volume 18, Number 20
October 7, 2002

The Action Is in the Reaction
The terrorist leaders and their sponsors are providing the pretext for the U.S. government to institute police-state measures.

A No-Win War Without End?
By embracing state sponsors of terrorism like Russia and China, our leaders ensure that the "war on terror" will never end in conclusive victory.

From Law to Lawlessness
The Bush administration is laying the foundation for tyranny by putting itself above the law.

Foundations of the Garrison State
The proposed Department of Homeland Security is based on an elitist blueprint finished and on the Presidentís desk before Black Tuesday.

Militarizing Mayberry
State and local police agencies are being transformed into paramilitary affiliates of a centralized police force controlled by Washington, D.C.

Their Target: Your Guns
It would be insane to disarm law-abiding citizens. Yet this is what the UN seeks ó and the Bush administration is quietly acquiescing.

TIPping Off Big Brother
If the Bush administrationís citizen informant program "TIPS" is fully implemented, America may end up a nation of tattletales and civilian spies that would make Big Brother proud.

Toward a Global Police State
Under both Republican and Democratic administrations, the U.S. government has been implementing a decades-old strategy to make the UN the most powerful force on Earth.

From Republic to Reich
Adolf Hitlerís Nazi regime exploited a terrorist assault on the Reichstag Building to carry out a pre-positioned strategy to convert the Weimar Republic into a police state.

JBS: Defending the Rule of Law
The John Birch Society uniquely understands the globalist conspiracy and how to win the battle to preserve freedom.

What Can Be Done
The answer to terrorism lies not in granting Gestapo-like police powers to the federal government but in restoring legitimate internal security measures.

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