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Why Hillary Clinton Has Always Been a Republican

In the first of a series of profiles, Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair chart the formative years of Hillary Clinton. Watch her as she zigzags from Nixon campaigner and vote-fraud investigator in 1960 to Goldwater Girl and President of Young Republicans at Wellesley to her internship for Gerald Ford and campaigner for Nelson Rockefeller. Witness her reaction to the student protests at Yale and the demonstrations at Grant Park during the Democratic Convention in 1968. Learn how she and Bill vowed to "remake" the Democratic Party--using the Nixon model HRC learned about as a member of the House impeachment staff. And much more! Plus: David Price on anthropologist Andre Gunder Frank, the FBI and the Bureaucratic Exile of a Critical Mind.

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Today's Stories

July 16, 2007

Ellen Cantarow
The Untold Story of Iraqi Women

Allan J. Lichtman
The D.C. Madam's Public Service

July 14 / 15. 2007

Alexander Cockburn
Support Their Troops?

Andy Worthington
Gitmo's Tangled Web: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Majhid Khan, Dubious US Convictions and a Dying Man

Ralph Nader
Lawlessness, Waste and Incompetence

Robert Fantina
The Illegalities of the Iraq War

Ron Jacobs
Architecture as Military Strategy

Joshua Frank
Eat, Fight, Screw, Pray: An Interview with Joe Bageant

Conn Hallinan
Guns, Foundations and Free Trade: How the Right Targets Africa

Dr. Susan Rosenthal, MD
War and Dissociation

John Ross
No En Nuestro Nombre!: a Letter to the Mexican Antiwar Movement

Fred Gardner
Who's Afraid of Cannabidiol?

Rannie Amiri
A Primer on Israeli Doublespeak

Charles Modiano
ESPN's Rap Sheet: Pacman as Black Man

Anthony DiMaggio
America's Parochial Press

China Hand
Executive Orders and Coercive Diplomacy

Missy Comley Beattie
Reprobate Rhetoricians

Dr. James J. Murtagh, Jr.
Harry Potter Battles Big Brother

Kenneth Rexroth
On Thomas More's "Utopia"

Poets' Basement
Engel, Davies and Orloski

Website of the Weekend
GOP Sex Hypocrites: a Slideshow


July 13, 2007

Patrick Cockburn
The Decider in Denial

Winslow T. Wheeler
Bush's Iraq Benchmarks Assessment: Grading on a Curve for the Wrong Test

Imran Khan
When Dictators Serve US Interests

Todd Chretien
The Wal-Mart of Garbage

Sam Husseini
Killing the Constitution

Dr. Herman Mindshaftgap
Why, in Truth, There is No Surge

Anthony Papa
The Hard Road Home

D. K. Wilson
The Wonderful World of Mike Greenberg and Barry Bonds

David Michael Green
In the Last Throes, Judiciously

Website of the Day
Strange Attraction: Mrs. Thompson and Mr. Wolfowitz


July 12, 2007

Paul Craig Roberts
Restoring the People's Power

Robert Jensen
Lessons from the Lal Masjid Tragedy

Dr. Susan Block
Hookergate II: The Senator and the Veep

Joshua Frank
The Liberal Thrashing of Ward Churchill

John Chuckman
How Terror Lost Its Meaning

Corporate Crime Reporter
The Problem with Bribeline

Mike Whitney
Demonizing Putin

Nicola Nasser
Will New Delhi's Palestinian Policy be Neutralized?

Richard Rhames
Requiem for the Paxilated

William S. Lind
Not Fourth Generation Warfare

Website of the Day
Video: World's Largest Nuclear Explosion



July 11, 2007

Patrick Cockburn
The Benchmark Blame Game

Richard Neville
Is This Man a Psychopath? Bomber McNeill, the Faceless Pol Pot of the Sky

Debra McNutt
Privatizing Women: Military Prostitution and the Iraq Occupation

John V. Walsh
A Plea to Ralph Nader

Scott Liebertz
Where's the Outcry? Mexico's Monitor Radio vs. RCTV

George C. Wilson
Beware the Iran Hawks

James McEnteer
My Impossible Dream Candidate

Philip Rizk
Submission or Resistance in Gaza?

Johnny Hazard
Mexico Commemorates a Fraud

Dave Lindorff
On the Road with Impeachment

Website of the Day
Sly Stone's Higher Power


July 10, 2007

James Ridgeway
True North: Big Oil in the Arctic

Tariq Ali
New Clashes in Islamabad: Judges and Jihadis Torment the Regime

Javed Hussein
Pakistan's Waco?: The Storming of the Red Mosque

William Blum
Neocons, Theocons, Demcons, Excons and Future Cons

Ralph Nader
Grown in China

Jay Arena
New Orleans, Public Housing and the Non-Profit Industrial Complex

Anthony DiMaggio
A Begrudging Reversal: The New York Times and the "Anti-War" Turn

Eva Liddell
Has Ann Coulter Got the Hots for John Edwards?

Jerry Kroth
Democratic Defectors and the Israel Lobby

Alice Woodward
White Supremacy and the Jena Six

Nikolas Kozloff
Where's Jerry?: On Cheney Impeachment, Rep. Nadler's a No Show

Paul Shannon
It's Time to Reform Sex Offender Laws

Website of the Day
March for Remembrance


July 9, 2007

Fidel Castro
The Killing Machine: Reflections from a Target of the CIA

Diana Johnstone
King Sarko the First

John Walsh
Will the Greens Seize the Moment?

Uri Avnery
The Jordanian Option

Ramzy Baroud
The Palestinian Left: a Lost Opportunity?

John Ripton
The New West Bank Palestinian State

Stephen Lendman
Making Gaza Scream

Bruce Jackson
Bush Going Down: the Correct Way to Affix a Stamp

Michael Donnelly
What's the Matter with Winchester?

Doug Giebel
Wanted: Old Men with Nothing to Lose

Website of the Day
Ron Paul on This Week with George


July 7 / 8, 2007

Saul Landau
Blame the Puppet

Ismael Hossein-zadeh
Parasitic Imperialism

Fawzia Afzal-Khan
What Lies Beneath: Dispatches from the Frontlines of t he Burqa Brigade

Alan Maass
Will "Sicko" Spark a Movement?: a Film, Militant Nurses and a New Opportunity for Single Payer Health Care

John Ross
The Fire Last Time

Pat Williams
The Supreme Court and Mr. Peanut

Rannie Amiri
The Unbreakable Mordechai Vanunu

Farzana Versey
Does the Taj Mahal Deserve to be a Wonder of the World?

Bart Gruzalski
Bush, the Revolution and the Iraq War

Paul Rockwell
An Army of None

Reza Fiyouzat
Tax Cuts for the Rich Only Benefit the Economy of the Rich

Monica Benderman
Americans, Honestly!

Kenneth Couesbouc
Total War: From Clausewitz to Clinton and Bush

Dave Lindorff
Poll: Impeach the Bastards

Charles Modiano
History's Hit Job on Thomas Paine

Missy Beattie
King Cretin

Dal LaMagna
A Peacemaker's View of Baghdad

Jean Gerard
Those So-Called Oil Contracts in Iraq

Anne Dachel
Autism: an Epidemic of Fairly Recent Origin

Ron Jacobs
Modes and Melodies of Resistance

Poets' Basement
Gibbons, Orloski, Engel and Buknatski

Website of the Day
Van Morrison and Bob Dylan in Athens

July 6, 2007

Daniel Ellsberg
When the Crimes of the White House are Unpunishable

Gary Leupp
The Cracks in Cheney's World

Harvey Wasserman
Leonard Peltier vs. Scooter Libby: the Hero and the Henchman

Omer Subhani
Our Dead are Not the Same: Ignoring Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan

Marjorie Cohn
Compassion, Conspiracy and Commutation

Christopher Brauchli
Kingly Edicts: Bush's Executive Orders

David Michael Green
Scalia Time: the Wrecking Ball Court

China Hand
Catfish Blues: Food Safety, the FDA and the Emerging Trade War with China

Renee Saucedo
and Todd Chretien
The New Challenges Facing the Immigrant Rights Movement

Corporate Crime Reporter
The Crime Wave Behind the Media Curtain

Website of the Day
Jean Bricmont on the Humanitarian Interveners


July 5, 2007

Andy Worthington
Two Americas, Both Unjust: Scooter Libby vs. the "Enemy Combatants"

Mike Stark
Double Standards of North Carolina "Justice"

Norman Solomon
The Keyboard Hawks: a Bloody Media Mirror

Michael Schwartz
Killing 10,000 Iraqis Every Month

Susie Day
Killer Lesbians Mauled by Killer Court (and Media Wolfpack)

Jacob Hornberger
A Tangled Web of Lies: Bush and the Libby Case

Bill Hatch
Smoking with Arnold: The Strange Return of Toxic Mary Nichols

Don Fitz
When Building Green Ain't So Green

John Wright
The Crisis of Imperialism

Website of the Day
Anti-Flag and Tom Morello: "This Land is Your Land"


July 4, 2007

St. Clair / Frank
Obama's Nuclear Ambitions

Vijay Prashad
Democrat (Punjab): Obama and Outsourcing

Carl G. Estabrook
The Declaration of Independence and the Right to Exist

Ron Jacobs
Texas Wants to Kill Another Man, the Law be Damned: the Disturbing Case of Kenneth Foster

David R. Dow
The Quality of Bush's Mercy: the Ghosts of Texas

Claudia Johnson
Is My Doctor a Terrorist?

William S. Lind
What Israel's Defeat in Lebanon Means for Defense Industry Fat Cats

Gregory Afghani
Truth and Tenure: Finkelstein and the Perils of Impeccable Scholarship

Paul Edwards
End It Now!

D. K. Wilson
The Sliming of Tank Johnson

Niranjan Ramakrishnan
Thank You, Mr. President: Bush/Cheney for Dummies

Thomas Jefferson
The Spirit of Resistance: Lethargy is the Forerunner of the Death of Public Liberty

Cindy Sheehan
Call Out the Instigator

Website of the Day
Springsteen: 4th of July, Ashbury Park

July 3, 2007

Bill Quigley
Injustice in Jena: Black Nooses Hanging from the "White" Tree

Gary Leupp
Civil Strife in Palestine: a Broader Context

Lynda Brayer
Norman Finkelstein and the Catholic Church

Richard Thieme
Mind Wars: Brain Research, Nanotech and the Military

Helen Redmond
They Don't Come Back the Same: the Mind of the Returning Iraq War Vet

David Swanson
Scooter and the Commuter: When Presidents Pardon Their Own Crimes

Jacob Hornberger
Martha Stewart vs. Scooter Libby: Commutation as Cover-Up

Ayesha Ijaz Khan
Pakistan's New Jihad

Franklin Lamb
The Edginess of Lebanon

Ray McGovern
Unimpeachably Impeachable: Start with Cheney

Kevin Zeese
The Air Force vs. Rev. Lennox Yearwood

Dave Lindorff
Nancy Pelosi and the Low Bar Democrats

Website of the Day
A Military Guide to the Iraq War

July 2, 2007

Andy Worthington
The Guantánamo Whistleblowers

Nina Serrano
The Assassination of a Poet: Memories of Roque Dalton

Jack Hirschman
The Nation and the Assassin: a Shameful Blunder

Paul Craig Roberts
Enter Turkey

Bill Williams
The Commissar Two-Step at DePaul

Anthony Papa
A Taste of the Gulag: What Paris Learned

Sonja Karkar
Who Will Save Palestine?

Louay Safi
Steve Emerson's Fantastic Obsession

Anthony Gregory
When Killer Cops Walk

Monica Benderman
In Consideration of War

Website of the Day
Dylan's Masters of War, at West Point, 1990


June 30 / July 1, 2007

John Ross
Free Frida Kahlo!

Alan Farago
Fakery, Inflation and the Housing Market

Peter Quinn
The Political Paranoia Over Immigration: Two Centuries and Counting

Christopher Brauchli
Cheney Does the Constitution

Robert Fisk
Abu Henry and the Mysterious Silence

Uri Avnery
A Dark Summit

Judith Siers-Poisson
The Politics and PR of Cervical Cancer

Saul Landau
Israel is Bad for Jewish Ethics

Abbas Zaidi
The Ad Hominem World of Pakistan Politics

Ron Jacobs
Ending the War, Organizing for Change

Ralph Nader
Move Over Oprah: a Summer Reading List

Donald Worster
Which City is Worse Off Today, New York or New Orleans?

Mike Whitney
The Fed's Role in the Bear Stearns Meltdown

Jacob Hill
Fast Track to Trade Failure

Kenneth Couesbouc
Why Global Trade is Rarely Fair

Missy Beattie

Mohammad Kamaali
Envoy for the Quartet

Ramzy Baroud
Finding Lessons in Gaza's Bloodshed

Leonard Peltier
A Gathering at Oglala

Phyllis Pollack
Seven Hours of Banging with the Stones

Poets' Basement
Reed, Orloski and Buknatski

Website of the Weekend
A Podcast Interview with Cpt. Ward Boston on the USS Liberty


June 29, 2007

St. Clair / Frank
Toward a New Environmental Movement

Brian Cloughley
Losing the War in Afghanistan: One Civilian Massacre at a Time

Patrick Cockburn
End the Occupation: an Open Letter to Gordon Brown

Gilad Atzmon
The Peace Envoy: Tony Blair on Work Release

Dave Lindorff
Subpoenas, Executive Privilege and Liberal Pipedreams

Jennifer Matsui /
Carl Kandutsch

Electric Larryland

Kevin Zeese
A Different Kind of Peace Candidate

Daniel Klimek
Fasting for Justice at DePaul

David Michael Green
The Founding Fathers Never Met Dick Cheney

John Chuckman
The London Car Bomb

Website of the Day


June 28, 2007

Bill Quigley
How to Destroy an African American City in 33 Steps

Vijay Prashad
Once More on the New York Times

Margaret Kimberley
The Whitening of Marianne Pearl: When White Actors Play Black Characters

Winslow T. Wheeler
House of Pork: Changing Lightbulbs in the Democrats' Bordello

Philip Rizk
The Failing of Gaza

D. K. Wilson
The Black Villains Club

Bill Williams
Strange Calculus at DePaul

Mahmoud El-Yousseph
The Deportation of Yardlin Jimenez

Richard Rhames
The Liberation of Paris

Paul Krassner
Bong Hits for Repression: the Giant Sucking Sound of the Supreme Court

Website of the Day
Free Lightnin' Hopkins


June 27, 2007

Marjorie Cohn
Targeting Dissent: FBI Spying on the National Lawyers Guild

Dr. Susan Rosenthal, MD
Sick and Sicker: Two Models of Health Care Rationing

Alan Farago
Bush and the Everglades: Rebranding Failure as Success

Carla Blank
"America, the Beautiful": the Queen, Jamestown and the Eye of the Beholder

Matthew Abraham
The Smearing of Robert Trivers, Dershowitz-Style

Sunsara Taylor
The Deadly Consequences of Compromise: Abortion Rights Under Assault, Where's the Women's Movement?

Russell D. Hoffman
16 Dirty Secrets About Nuclear Power

Robert Weissman
Blackstone and Capital's Grand Scam

Sen. Russ Feingold
Secrecy and the Federal Death Penalty

Paul Buchheit
The Footprints of Democracies

Website of the Day
Anarchy for the USA: an Interview with Josh Wolf


June 26, 2007

Jonathan Cook
Divide and Rule, Israeli-Style

Ralph Nader
Sicko and the Politics of Health Care

Corporate Crime Reporter
Which Side Are You On, Michael Moore?

Ron Jacobs
Are the Neocons Really Going?

Martha Rosenberg
Mad Cow in God's Country

John Chuckman
China's New Weapons

Denny Haldeman
Ethanolics Anonymous

Anthony DiMaggio
Free Speech Hypocrisy at the Supreme Court

Stephen Fleischman
The Tightrope Economy

William S. Lind
Legitimacy, Toujours Legitimacy

Website of the Day
The CIA's Family Jewels


June 25, 2007

Paul Craig Roberts
Goodbye to the City on the Hill

Jennifer Loewenstein
The Triumph of US / Israeli Policy in Palestine

Bob Anderson
The Grooming of Bill Richardson: New Mexico's Nuclear Governor

Robert Pollin
The Realities of Microlending

Patrick Cockburn
Chemical Ali Faces the Hangman: the Life and Crimes of al-Majid

Eva Liddell
Why They Want to Fire Ward Churchill

Dan Bacher
Democrats and the School of the Americas: 42 House Democrats Back Torture Academy

Larry Atkins
The Case of the Judge and the $54 Million Pair of Pants: an Embarrassment, Not an Argument for Tort Reform

Mark Brenner
SEIU Ends Nursing Home Partnership

James Rothenberg
Hillary Does Iraq

Website of the Day
"A Long Train of Abuses"

June 23 / 24, 2007

Alexander Cockburn
Zyklon B on the US Border

Jeff Taylor
The Foreign Policy of Barack Obama

Oren Ben-Dor
Israeli Apartheid is the Core of the Crisis in Gaza

Gary Leupp
In Defense of Academic Freedom: the Ward Churchill Case

Robert Fisk
The Bumbling Envoy

David Rosen
The Hidden Cost of War: Genital Injuries, Prosthetic Devices and the War on Terror

Russell Mokhiber
Ins and Outs for 2008: Up with Spoilers!

Alison Weir
USA Today and the USS Liberty

Robert Fantina
The Floundering Congress

D. K. Wilson
Of Gangstas and Spearchuckers, Sex and Zulus

Nicole Colson
Litigating Gitmo

Stephen Soldz, Steven Reisner and Brad Olson
Torture, Psychologists and Colonel James

Dave Lindorff
Exodus of the Puppets: Bush's Incredible Shrinking Coalition

Benjamin Dangl
Cerámica de Cuyo: a Profile of Worker Control in Argentina

Michael Dickinson
The Catholicization of Tony

Poets' Basement
Davies, Engel, Gerard and Orloski

Website of the Weekend
Incarcerex: a Drug War Video


June 22, 2007

Andy Worthington
A Tunisian in Gitmo: the Story of Prisoner 660

Sherwood Ross
Corporate America's Deadliest Secret: the Big Profits in Biowarfare Research

Eliana Monteforte
The Torture Academy

Robert Weissman
Things Can Be Different

Richard Rhames
Farmer Preservation

Christopher Brauchli
Bush and the Uighurs: an Encounter in Albania

Ramzy Baroud
Chronicle of a Chaos Foretold

Ehud Krinis, David Shulman and Neve Gordon
Facing an Imminent Threat of Expulsion: Palestinians in S. Hebron Hills Need Your Help!

David Michael Green
If Reid Were Rove

Kathryn Webber
Boycotting DePaul

Website of the Day
Stop Me Before I Vote Again!


June 21, 2007

Peter Linebaugh
The Day of the Rope

Natsu Saito
The Regents and Ward Churchill: Now is the Time to Speak Out

Ron Jacobs
The Intimidation of a Vet

Saree Makdisi
The West Chooses Fatah, But Palestinians Don't

John Stauber
Blessed Unrest: an Interview with Paul Hawken

Scott Liebertz
Fox News and Venezuela: an Analysis of How the Network Deliberately Misinforms Its Viewers

Tom Clifford
The Ghost Prisoners

Robert Jensen
The Last Sunday?

Michael J. Smith
Who Among Us Will Step Up to Destroy the Democratic Party?

Jeb Sprague
Pain at the Pump in Haiti

Website of the Day
Dion: Hey Paris

June 20, 2007

Omar Barghouti
A Secular-Democratic State Solution

Andy Worthington
Repatriated to Torture

Margaret Kimberley
Supreme Injustices: the Bush Court

Robert Weissman
Sicko, Part One: the Human Tragedy

Russell D. Hoffman
Time to Choose: Meltdowns or Solar Power?

Rannie Amiri
Mideast Alight

Stephen Lendman
The New York Times vs. Hugo Chavez

Dave Lindorff
Democratic Disconnect

David Swanson
Booing Hillary: Platitudes from the Drone Machine

Anne Dachel
Autism & Vaccines: Why are They Afraid to Look?

Website of the Day
Revolution By the Book


June 19, 2007

Ralph Nader
Hillary's Stock and Trade: the NAFTA Two-Step

Dr. Shepherd Bliss
Torture's Long Reach

Bill and Kathleen Christison
Demostrating Against the Catholic Church in Santa Fe

Jeff Leys
Swarming Congress: Building a Resistance to the 2008 Iraq War Supplemental Funding Bill

Dave Zirin
The Unforgiven: Barry Bonds and Jack Johnson

Chris Floyd
Hitchens Takes a Roll in the Hay

Ben Terrall
Iraq Union Leaders Speak Out Against the Occupation

Anthony Papa
Veronica's Story: a Dying Wish to Governor Spitzer

Countering Terrorism: How Not to Do It

Linda Flores
Criminalizing the Classroom

Website of the Day
Sign On to the Iraq Moratorium

June 18, 2007

John Ross
The Annexation of Mexico

Paul Craig Roberts
The Reign of the Tyrants is at Hand

Martha Rosenberg
Let Cheney at Him: Richardson the Oryx Hunter

Norman Solomon
War at the Remote

Don Santina
Memo to the Queen: Bobby Sands Died for Your Sins

Isabella Kenfield
Landless Rural Workers Confront Lula

James Brooks
America's Guilty Silence

Eva Liddell
Planning to Lose: Democratic Stratagems

Sam Husseini
Clinton Health Care Scam Revisited

Akiva Eldar
Ariel Sharon's Dream

Website of the Day
Frank Zappa: the Cop Interview


June 16 / 17, 2007

Alexander Cockburn
The Psychopathology of Shrinks

John Halle
Finkelstein and "The Progressive"

Robert Fisk
Welcome to "Palestine"

Andy Worthington
Return to Torture?

Uri Avnery
The Gaza Cage

Fred Gardner
Paris Hilton's Punishment: a False Parable

Saul Landau
Our Gang of Thugs: The 1970s as a Context for Terrorist Violence

P. Sainath
Heaven Can Wait: Creditors and the Widows of Vidharbha

Missy Comley Beattie
Calling Evil Its Name

Alan Gregory
When ADM Comes to Town: Killer Tax Breaks for Wildlife Destruction

Walter Brasch
Bush and the Philosophy of Swiss Cheese

Website of the Weekend
Obama Girl


June 15, 2007

Alan Farago
View from the Construction Crane: Sex, Taxes and Real Estate Scams in Miami

Andy Worthington
The Ordeal of Ali al--Marri

Michael Simmons
Terrorizing Artists in the USA

Franklin Lamb
Blowback Across Lebanon: The Failed Sunni Army Solution

Gary Leupp
The Day After We Attack Iran

John Ross
Ballot Burning Time in Ol' Mexico

Website of the Day
The American Rationalist


June 14, 2007

Michael Donnelly
Charred SUVs and the End of Citizen Eco--Activism

Faisal Kutty
Scare Canada: The No--Fly List's False Sense of Security

Harry Browne
Ireland's Green Party Sells Out

Charles Jonkel
From the Arctic to Yellowstone: Bears in a World of Indifference

Steven Higgs
Murder in a Small Town: "Gay Panic" in Indiana?

Bruce Dixon
Black Power Through Low Power Radio

Bruce K. Gagnon
What Do We Do Now? A 10--Step Plan for Antiwar Activists

Website of the Day

June 13, 2007

Glen Ford
Obama's Siren Song

Marjorie Cohn
Repression in Oaxaca

Bill Christison
A Grave Injustice at DePaul University

Charles Jonkel
Bears in a World of Indifference

Silvia Cattori
"I Was Not Prepared for the Horrors I Saw": an Interview with Hedy Epstein

Richard Gott
Racism and TV in Venezuela

Firmin DeBrabander
How the Neocons Misread Machiavelli

William S. Lind
The Perfect (Sine) Wave: Bombing Railroad Stations in Iraq

Keith Rosenthal
Workers Score a Victory at Harvard

Website of the Day
GOP and Monty Python Explain: "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques"

June 12, 2007

Jeffrey St. Clair
How to Sell a War

Paul Craig Roberts
The Neocon Threat to American Freedom

P. Sainath
India's Plutocrats and the Press

Ralph Nader
The Biggest Scam in the World

Omar Waraich
A Black Day for Pakistan's Press

Dave Lindorff
Things Your Media Momma Didn't Tell You

Harvey Wasserman
Confessions of an Anti-Nuke Jerk

Malini Johar Schueller
It Takes a Bomb

Ramzy Baroud
War Foretold: Mark Twain and the Sins of Empire

Website of the Day
Palestinian Chronicle Needs Our Help!


June 11, 2007

Patrick Cockburn
The War on Journalists

Paul Craig Roberts
Losing the Economy to Mythology

Uri Avnery
40 Bad Years: the Rot of Occupation

Norman Solomon
The Silence of the Bombs

Eva Liddell
Paris Hilton Doesn't Do Dishes: How Barbie Stood Up to Allen Ginsberg

Rannie Amiri
Groundhog Day in Pakistan

Rachel Voss
Poetry and Politics in Nassau County

Christopher Brauchli
A Wild West Tale, Starring Rev. Dobson and Bill O'Reilly

D. K. Wilson
Untangling Michael Vick from the Dogs

Website of the Day
Paris, Mixed Up



Subscribe Online

July 16, 2007

Or Face the End of Constitutional Democracy

Impeach Now


Unless Congress immediately impeaches Bush and Cheney, a year from now the US could be a dictatorial police state at war with Iran.

Bush has put in place all the necessary measures for dictatorship in the form of "executive orders" that are triggered whenever Bush declares a national emergency. Recent statements by Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff, former Republican senator Rick Santorum and others suggest that Americans might expect a series of staged, or false flag, "terrorist" events in the near future.

Many attentive people believe that the reason the Bush administration will not bow to expert advice and public opinion and begin withdrawing US troops from Iraq is that the administration intends to rescue its unpopular position with false flag operations that can be used to expand the war to Iran.

Too much is going wrong for the Bush administration: the failure of its Middle East wars, Republican senators jumping ship, Turkish troops massed on northern Iraq's border poised for an invasion to deal with Kurds, and a majority of Americans favoring the impeachment of Cheney and a near-majority favoring Bush's impeachment. The Bush administration desperately needs dramatic events to scare the American people and the Congress back in line with the militarist-police state that Bush and Cheney have fostered.

William Norman Grigg recently wrote that the GOP is "praying for a terrorist strike" to save the party from electoral wipeout in 2008.
Chertoff, Cheney, the neocon nazis, and Mossad would have no qualms about saving the bacon for the Republicans, who have enabled Bush to start two unjustified wars, with Iran waiting in the wings to be attacked in a third war.

The Bush administration has tried unsuccessfully to resurrect the terrorist fear factor by infiltrating some blowhard groups and encouraging them to talk about staging "terrorist" events. The talk, encouraged by federal agents, resulted in "terrorist" arrests hyped by the media, but even the captive media was unable to scare people with such transparent sting operations.

If the Bush administration wants to continue its wars in the Middle East and to entrench the "unitary executive" at home, it will have to conduct some false flag operations that will both frighten and anger the American people and make them accept Bush's declaration of "national emergency" and the return of the draft. Alternatively, the administration could simply allow any real terrorist plot to proceed without hindrance.

A series of staged or permitted attacks would be spun by the captive media as a vindication of the neoconsevatives' Islamophobic policy, the intention of which is to destroy all Middle Eastern governments that are not American puppet states. Success would give the US control over oil, but the main purpose is to eliminate any resistance to Israel's complete absorption of Palestine into Greater Israel.

Think about it. If another 9/11-type "security failure" were not in the works, why would Homeland Security czar Chertoff go to the trouble of convincing the Chicago Tribune that Americans have become complacent about terrorist threats and that he has "a gut feeling" that America will soon be hit hard?

Why would Republican warmonger Rick Santorum say on the Hugh Hewitt radio show that "between now and November, a lot of things are going to happen, and I believe that by this time next year, the American public's (sic) going to have a very different view of this war."

Throughout its existence the US government has staged incidents that the government then used in behalf of purposes that it could not otherwise have pursued. According to a number of writers, false flag operations have been routinely used by the Israeli state. During the Czarist era in Russia, the secret police would set off bombs in order to arrest those the secret police regarded as troublesome. Hitler was a dramatic orchestrator of false flag operations. False flag operations are a commonplace tool of governments.

Ask yourself: Would a government that has lied us into two wars and is working to lie us into an attack on Iran shrink from staging "terrorist" attacks in order to remove opposition to its agenda?

Only a diehard minority believes in the honesty and integrity of the Bush-Cheney administration and in the truthfulness of the corporate media.

Hitler, who never achieved majority support in a German election, used the Reichstag fire to fan hysteria and push through the Enabling Act, which made him dictator. Determined tyrants never require majority support in order to overthrow constitutional orders.

The American constitutional system is near to being overthrown. Are coming "terrorist" events of which Chertoff warns and Santorum promises the means for overthrowing our constitutional democracy?

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. He was Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal editorial page and Contributing Editor of National Review. He is coauthor of The Tyranny of Good Intentions.He can be reached at: PaulCraigRoberts@yahoo.com

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"The Case Against Israel"
Michael Neumann's Devastating Rebuttal of Alan Dershowitz

Grand Theft Pentagon:
Tales of Greed and Profiteering in the War on Terror

by Jeffrey St. Clair




The Occupation
by Patrick Cockburn

Humanitarian Imperialism
By Jean Bricmont


By Tennessee Reed


Bruce Springsteen On Tour
By Dave Marsh


The Book on 9/11 the White House Denounced as "ABSOLUTE GARBAGE"