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U.S.-Israel police state shakedown menaces the entire world

by John Kaminski

see The Selling of America

"And the first one now will later be last ..."
— Bob Dylan

Along the bloody trail of human history, it is sadly ironic but perhaps somehow inevitable that the foremost champion of individual freedom and human rights has now morphed into the most dangerous menace the people of the world have ever confronted. A totalitarian society in which ordinary people have no say in the events that afflict them looms directly in front of all of us.

The United States of America was once the envy of everyone for its principles guaranteeing freedom of religion, a free press, and liberty and justice for all. But now, spurred on toward bloody coercion by its perverted ties to the insanely warlike state of Israel, the U.S.A. is now the enemy of every honest human being anywhere as it tries to conquer, coopt, and plunder every nation on Earth.

The hopeful promise at the dawn of the third millennium of the Christian era has already been bloodstained by blatant and poisonous American mass murder in two struggling states whose underprivileged inhabitants have been heartlessly slaughtered by the horrific high technology of death that is rapidly becoming known as America's leading export. These criminal tragedies are made all the more egregious — all the more a profound offense to everything humans hold sacred and meaningful— by the pathetic excuses used to justify these macabre murder festivals, shallow rationalizations that have been exposed as cruel, cynical and clumsy lies.

For the facts are clear: the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were planned long before 9/11 ever happened.

Once regarded for their fairness and compassion, the American people callously continue their conspicuous consumption, ignoring the screams of the dying as the rest of the world bleeds under the heel of a war machine that most badly brainwashed Americans rabidly endorse and support.

Americans themselves, lulled into a consumeristic coma by subtly seditious Jewish influences in media, education, and politics, are not immune from the capitalist carnage, either. They have lost their manufacturing base and their economy to the depredations of internationalist financiers, and have also been deprived of most of their Constitutional guarantees by totalitarian legislation made possible by the soul-crushing hoax known as 9/11.

As a result, in addition to destroying the nations of Afghanistan and Iraq with radioactive poisons, the U.S. is now involved in active military provocations in almost every country around the world, at least in every country not already shackled by militaristic dictatorships firmly subservient to American policy.

Significant new aggressive U.S. provocations materialized last week in Venezuela and the Philippines to go with the ongoing covert operations against Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, North Korea, Cuba, Libya, Sudan and various other struggling states in Africa, South America and Asia. In addition the U.S. has long since deployed troops and weaponry in fledgling statelets bordering the south side of Russia to intimidate that floundering superstate, and continues to flirt with a war against China over the tense issue of Taiwan.

Only in Western Europe and North America does the U.S. have nominally good relations with anyone it doesn't regularly bribe, and even in that sphere, Canada, France, and Germany are realizing the new American-Israeli police state axis could turn on them at any time.

Everyone in the world with half a brain now realizes that the genuine axis of evil is the United States, Britain and Israel, with a few pseudo-Islamic sycophants such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and wild-card sellouts like India and Australia hanging onto the coattails of the tyrannical triad, not realizing the treacherous fate that awaits them too.

So America no longer has any true friends in the world, only peasant nations desperately begging for handouts and subservient pseudo-competitors cringing in obsequious fear to a superpower gone bad.

For me as an American, the real tragedy in all this is that the very Americans who support this satanic coming-out of the U.S. as a vicious predator nation do not realize that their fate will be the same as those unfortunate residents of nations currently being victimized by American-Israeli firepower, economic genocide and political extortion.

In their unconcerned acquiescence, Americans refuse to realize that what their lying, killer government practices abroad will soon come home to roost. But even as their banking system is about to collapse in a heap of worthless paper, most Americans still have no clue that their lives are about to change forever.

Thus, as Israel's savage policies of exclusion and exploitation work to the detriment of even its own people and Jews around the world, so America's unrestrained eagerness to bomb first and never ask the right question at all is surely to ricochet inward and penalize — if not destroy — the very people who put their trust in quick-answering leaders with no moral standards other than numbers on a ledger sheet.

The rise of American power began precisely with the ascendance of the Zionist mission in the late 19th century. The worldwide marauding of America's Great White Fleet signalled the beginning of the U.S. as the most comfortable and prosperous nation in human history. American opulence was founded on plundering other nations, as the success of capitalism is predicated on exploitation of disadvantaged markets. Now, at the beginning of the 21st Century, America's crass leadership seeks to repeat and perpetuate that formula by economically indenturing all other nations, and by destroying competitive markets and keeping them in their disadvantaged positions so that international capitalism may survive like the soulless zombie it is. There seems at present to be no power on Earth that can stop this unjust plan.

Once upon a time, white European Protestant Christians plundered the Garden of Eden known as the North American continent, leaving 60 million dead and hundreds of cultures extinct. It appears Israel has followed the American model in the Middle East, inexorably exterminating the original inhabitants yet painting its warriors as freedom fighting heroes by using the media and money it controls worldwide. The current fate of the natives of Palestine is every bit as bleak as the current depressed state of the remnant populations of thoroughly demoralized Native Americans.

In recent years, America has reversed this process of teacher and pupil by emulating the behavior of the Zionist murderers. Israel has long been known for perpetrating terror against its own citizens in order to galvanize support for its illegal Zionist state. America took a page out of that book on September 11, 2001, when a high level capitalist plot destroyed its two most recognizable landmarks along with 3,000 innocent lives in New York City.

Thus the process of twinship between Americans and Israelis has come full circle as they band together to rip off the world.

America and Israel are the enemies of every country on Earth, and worse for them, they are their own worst enemies as they commit unspeakable crimes against their own citizens and similarly and falsely blame the atrocities on the dark-skinned Arab patsies whom they wish to exploit. What better way? Particularly when Zionist Americans are in control of virtually all the world's major media.

America and Israel are the enemies of everyone who seek a humane and compassionate future based on justice and freedom. While certain minorities in these two rampaging nations do seek a peaceful cessation of their warlike policies, it will nevertheless be the citizens of these two conscienceless death factories who will one day pay a very dear price for their perfidy and lack of concern and compassion for the world around them. And when that day comes, the perpetrators of their own pain, just like on 9/11, will be their very own governments.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the coast of Florida and can't believe how many Americans just don't care about the world they live in. Autographed copies of his collection of Internet essays, "America's Autopsy Report," may now be ordered ($18.95, plus $5 shipping and handling) by writing to him at 250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood FL 34223, or by e-mail through Pay Pal.

America's Autopsy Report, published by Dandelion Books, is now on sale.

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