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America's Secret Police

by Jim Hobson

America's Secret Police

J.R. Hobson
Investigator of State Terrorism

This document is about Freedom - Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Thought, and Freedom of Expression. If you are a person who has the wrong opinions, wrong views, wrong words, wrong religion, and even the wrong books and wrong music -you had better read on!!!

This document is based on evidence that has been collected from victim testimonies, intelligence sources, information databases, and personal observations. After compiling the information, we must conclude that the U.S. Government is on a small scale torturing, experimenting upon, and murdering innocent men, women, and children with ultrasonic and infrasonic weapons on American soil.

The arrival of the American Secret Police

It has become apparent that we now have a secret police operating on American soil with the mission and purpose of controlling our constitutional liberties on the individual level, the group level, and national level.

I, as many of you, did not know and never believed that the U.S. Government would go to such extremes to control our basic freedoms and would form a secret police to attempt to do so. I had assumed for most of my life that America was the mecca of freedom and wished to instill the basic values of freedom world-wide.

Essentially our evidence indicates that the U.S. Government is repeating some of the very same types of crimes we found committed in Nazi Germany in which the world discovered that over 6 million innocent human beings had been tortured and slaughtered by their country's government.

Why was the American Secret Police created?

After some mishaps, in which U.S. Government agents murdered innocent men, women, and children on national television (Weaver, Waco, etc.) which created an uproar from freedom loving Americans across the country, the U.S. Government made a decision not to change its policy of oppression of the people, but instead, to change its tactics and organization somewhat in order to avoid the media and the view of those freedom loving Americans -thus the American Secret Police was born.

So, the U.S. Government adopted the the tactics we regularly find in dictatorships and totalitarian states who utilize secret death squads and secret police to oppress freedom without the media being involved. The Feds are a dumb kind (as most of us are aware) but not that dumb! They only assumed that this change in tactics was feasible and possible with the advancement of electronic weapons and surveilance tecnology that can not be seen or heard by anyone but the persons using the weapons and devices.

This change of tactics explains why in the past few years we have not seen anything like the Weaver killings or the Waco massacre on our t.v. sets, its not because the Feds have changed their philosophy on controlling you and your freedoms. No!, its because they are now doing it quietly to one freedom lover at a time with their new silent tactics and silent weaponry!

Who are the American Secret Police?

From our evidence we have concluded that the people involved in todays atrocities (as with yesterdays crimes) are U.S. Federal Government employees composed of military and central intelligence personnel.

American Secret Police agents are people just like you and me - no less and no more, but with a twist - they are employed by the almighty State which has replaced all loyalties in their lives and has become their almighty God. If we go back to the Nazi war days we can find the same situation with the Nazi soldiers who were enlisted from the general population into the army (so to speak) and were issued a number, rank, and fed the gang's ideology which was "anything for the state! " They then became part of the gang, anonymous and able to robotically follow any order given.

Today's soon-to-be psychopaths are recruited from the civilian population into their respective gangs and as with any gang, taught the gang's ideology and norms of conduct. Because they are secret gangs the general population at large does not have input and as a result are not able to check on the gang's operations (which may turn sinister when the gang's leader is not morally just, psychotic, or just insane - a Hitler kind of guy! The gang members are a closely knit group and receive most social input and guidance from each other and not the real outside world consisting of the majority of citizens. As a result the institutions of democracy have been left out of their planning and operations and the gang loses all contact with reality except for their secret inner belief of what they do is right and for the state which would otherwise be strongly contested and canceled when confronted with reality and if exposed to the general population who make up the state's base.

How do they choose their targets of interest?

How the victims were chosen is perhaps one of the most important issues we are continuing to investigate at this time. What exactly triggers the secret police to invest hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars of the peoples tax money to go and occupy a half-dozen homes or apartments in his or her neighborhood for the expressed purpose of harrassing and maybe killing with their high tech toys? Its hard to say, but at this time we do know that the victims of our secret police are from many professions, backgrounds, races, and religions; and, we can quickly discern one common characteristic they all share which is: expression. These law abiding people not only believed in their liberties as they were taught by their leaders, teachers and fellow citizens but were brave enough to express them in one way or another and ultimately brought the tyrants to their door. In addition, we can deduce that the secret police may have a two-fold plan which is to harass and maybe kill the politically incorrect and run experiments with the new weaponry at the same time.

Who's helping the victims?

These current attacks by our new secret police have been and are being reported to local, national, and international human rights agencies (there are literally hundreds of these agencies listed for every conceivable human rights violation known to man and woman kind!). However, the individual and combined result of all these pacifist organizations is that the experimentation, torture, and death by our secret police continues! In addition, the victims have also reported these crimes to their local police departments, but these agencies dedicated to serving and protecting the people and who receive a substantial part of their budgets from the Feds, have refused to investigate these secret police crimes, as a result, the Amercan Secret Police are allowed to continue their operations on American soil unimpeded whatsoever.

The legal system and civil institutions refuse to help

Unfortunately, as happened in Nazi Germany, many of our federal and national agencies for justice are aware of what is happening and are letting it happen. The result of this ignorance is that children, women, and men in many of our states are secretly being assaulted and experimented upon without due cause and sadly have no legal or civil institutions to turn to for assistance.

This behavior is not new for our government, it has assaulted and experimented on the American people for decades and this criminal history is quite vivid and clear. Some of these crimes have even been confirmed by their own departments which have in the last few years released detailed documents confirming: irradiated cereal fed to our children in our public schools, intentional releases of radiation over the American people, lethal deceases injected into civilian and military personnel, etc.

When one reads these documents from the devil himself, the question that comes to mind is: Who was responsible and who was convicted of these crimes against our people? the answer is absolutely no one.

How can you identify American Secret Police agents?

From our evidence we can ascertain that the typical agent employed by the U.S. Government to serve as a secret police torturer and/or experimenter on the American people is white, between 25 and 40 years of age with or without children, single or married, fond of tobacco and drink, has unusual work hours, and has low self esteem.

If enlisted in the secret police organization, he or she has a high school education with little or no in-depth academic, philosophic, or religious interests; if commissioned as an officer or leader - he or she most likely attended an obscure community-technical college or university and (as with the enlisted person), received mediocre or less that average grades and had no deep interests in any academic disciplines other than a brief introduction to the military arts. It is likely these agents have no permanent or cohesive relationships with friends or family outside of the gang, thus leaving the member out of touch with reality and fellow humans.

It should be noted that the organization places their people according to type of neigborhood the target resides. If a family oriented neighborhood they will attempt to use agents with a family; and if a single-person oriented residential neigborhood they will use single agents. In addition, the agents often work as a team and move as separate family units, thus they know each other before beginning their operations and these relationships can be observed if the target is vigilant. More importantly, if you are involved in freedom loving activities watch for unusual movements of people in or out in your neigborhood or apartment complex.

Federal Psychopaths

American Secret Police agents are unbalanced according to American values and social norms and as a consequence resentful to the point of being able to inflict injury or revenge on the American society in the form of state sponsored torture. The jails and prisons are filled with these same personality types (i.e., peeping toms, perverts, serial killers, and rapists, etc.).

When conducting their atrocities and experiments most agents feel that they are anonymous (and this is the key) and that no one will ever know their crimes they have committed because they feel that the state will protect them (which has happened according to the official record). There are a few who will eventually come to terms with reality and leave the secret police, but, as with the common street gang 'once a member always a member' and thus he or she has a problem with breaking out of the cycle of violence and coming out into the light.

Their Children

In the special case of children being used as undercover and agents. Yes, according to our reports, the American Secret Police do teach and expose their children (as with the drug user who uses and offers the drugs to the children) to state criminal deeds on varying scales. This may be hard to believe for most of us, but it must be kept in mind that these agents do not share our basic American morals and way-of-life whatsoever and more or less like the alcoholic or drug addict who unknowingly hook their children are unable to comprehend the long term effects of their actions. It is apparent that the agent parents are proud of their work (as were the former Nazis who arranged youth leagues to train their children how be become good party members).

In alliance with foreign states

Reports of human torture and experimentation with electronic weapons are pouring in from around the world and the rate has been so astronomical in the last few years that even the United Nations has had no choice but to hold talks on electronic weapons and the rules that should be applied for their use.

From the reports received it is quite obvious that the agencies using these silent electronic weapons for torture are using the same assault and disabling and killing techniques. countries in alliance economically and militarily with the U.S., it becomes apparent that the agents are employing the same techniques as if they have all read the same operations manual -Is this the New World Order?

This alliance for the purpose of state terrorism is not new, the U.S. Army and Central Intelligence Agency have been producing and handing out torture manuals to puppet dictators to the South for decades! Why should they stop with it now? In fact, the Army came under scrutiny in the past few years when one of their S.O.P. interrogation manuals accidentally fell into the hands of a member of the general population (one of those honest freedom loving Americans) who alarmingly revealed to the media that there was a section dedicated to the electrocution of captured prisoners!

According to the Geneva Convention which governs the rules of war and the U.S. signed and publicly upholds, countries are forbidden to use torture as a means of extracting information from their captives. In addition, this behavior is illegal according to U.S. State law, Federal Law, International Law, and even in the U.S. Military Code of Justice. So

So, the question that serves us well is: Why was the U.S. Army printing manuals with sections on how to commit terrorism? Because, as we have pointed out before, it was in secret and beyond the reach of the democratically elected leaders and civilian population who would have placed a 'check' on this behavior if known.

Silent weapons for silent terroism

There is nothing mystic about the technology being used by our secret police to torture and in some cases kill individuals in the U.S. and elsewhere. These very same electronic weapons have been produced and tested years ago (although more advanced now); and similar, but low-powered, devices can be constructed or purchased by any individual and used against his or her neighbor with the same diabling or lethal effects.

The small mobile, battery operated milliwave devices (the same technology being used at some airports today) will allow an individual to see his or her neighbor in his or her home completely naked from a considerable distance - just point the device and pull the trigger and you will have an instant X-rated show! And if they are interested in you, it will also allow the secret police in real-time to see you, what you're doing, and to acquire a target picture when using their electronic weapons against you.

It should be kept in mind that these ultrasonic weapons are serious business and can make you sick, disable you, or kill you depending on the selection of firing mode made by Federali firing at you and whatsmore, you may not even realized you are being hit with them if you are in deep sleep. The people in the medical professions are largely ignorant of these new age unheard/unseen weapons and do not know how to diagnose the many physical effects (nasea, muscle, organ, pain, or death) produced by these weapons as of yet.

These ultrasonic or sound weapons which effect different medians according to the frequency being used, are able to emit ultrasonic and infrasonic beams (adjustable from a pin's width to feet across, or to short pulses of sound -often called sonic bullets). And, they are fully adjustible (that is the length of the beam can be determined down to fractions of an inch). The ultrasound can pass through walls, ceilings, windows, furniture, and people and can have tremendous distances, up to several hundred feet. These weapons can be purchased or built and will allow an individual to give his or her neighbor some sleepless nights and real pain with virtually no way to detect where the source is.


Men and women have been experimented upon and tortured by their fellow humans since our beginning (we are the only creature in the world that has no innate biological mechanism to prevent this). Today it is the same, however, now the rulers must do their criminal deeds in secret and not in the village center. Society has come a long way in the last couple of centuries, and in most countries, no longer can a government openly torture a citizen for his or her religious beliefs, political views, or speech.

The government itself has told the people in most modern industrialized countries that all men are free and equal and have the basic rights to freedom of speech and religion but in reality some governments are attempting to control the people with their agents of torture while maintaining a friendly outward appearance. When a government transgresses its own laws and regulations in order to carry-out what a small group of people believe is right, it is not only criminal according to our laws , but a transgression of democracy and our values, resulting in tyranny and a national security threat.

It is apparent from the evidence collected that the U.S. Government has created a secret police to control our basic freedoms by using terrorist tactics with electronic weapons that are neither seen, heard, rendering them almost undetectable (if a person is not familiar with them). However, our American Secret Police should beware, the same advanced technology being used against innocents has been and will be the same technology used to expose this state sponsored terrorism.

As most are aware, in the last decade or so there has been an explosion in communications technology (an event that the criminal government agencies' mediocre personnel never foresaw and even attempted to put a stop to it a couple of years ago -but its was too late!). This new technology highway allows the truth to be exposed and as you can see now it won’t be stopped.

The American general population is still largely ignorant of electronic weapons unless attacked themselves and therefore it will be some time before people learn that conventual 'powder and ball' weapons are of the past and now obsolete (and this could probably put an end to the U.S. gun controversy in the near future and a beginning for the beam weapon controversy!).

As a result, the American people will eventually become aware of electronic weapons. Already real light lasers, real ion guns, and real sonic guns are available to those who seek them. It is only a matter of time before police departments and other law enforcement agencies will begin using these instruments openly in public view.

These weapons will easily be voted into use by the American people due to their non-lethal capabilities which will be seen as preferable to the old powder propelled bullet which once fired cannot be returned to the barrel and nearly always has lethal and legal consequences.

How you can help? Please copy or distribute this information to all those who may be interested; lets not wait for the criminals to tell us the crimes they have performed decades after the fact lets put a stop to it now! Send this information to your friends and family, warn everyone you know about our new American Secret Police operating in our society and what they are doing with these state of the art weapons.

If you have any further questions or answers, please let us know.

To the best of our knowledge, the text on this page may be freely reproduced and distributed.
If you have any questions about this, please check out our Copyright Policy.


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