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America is a Police State! And Yes,
We All Know The Meaning Of "IS"
By Ted Lang © 2003
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December 12, 2003

But we are the freest nation in the entire world! Yes, but that’s only for the immediate moment! And it is only because of the cultural constraints placed upon a soon to be totally out-of-control bureaucracy poised for just the right moment! And as General Tommy Franks recently suggested, that moment will come when yet another serious terrorist attack, provoked and instigated by our own meddling, interventionist, imperialistic government, occurs on our soil. All the necessary “laws” are now in place! Never mind that they are all completely unconstitutional! And never mind as well that the finishing touches of our unconstitutional “laws” have been finalized and put in place by a “limited government” Republican administration! America is now “legally” a police state!

Last week, Cincinnati police murdered their 15th black man for the year. All six policemen were heavily armed with military-style semi-automatic pistols, but instead of merely subduing Nathaniel Jones, they served up a frightening dose of police state murder on national television. And also last week, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, co-author of the book, The Tyranny of Good Intentions, posted yet another police state horror story on entitled, “The Trentadue Case: A Cover-up That Won’t Stay Covered.”

The Roberts article begins: “CNN recently reported that ‘the Justice Department is re-examining its investigation into the 1995 death of a federal prisoner that the victim’s family alleges was murder at the hands of the government.’ The victim was Kenneth Michael Trentadue. At 7 AM on August 21, 1995, officials from the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s office arrived at the new Oklahoma City Federal Transfer Center for the body of a man recently picked up for parole violation who allegedly was a suicide by hanging. The astonished state officials saw a body with scalp split to the skull in three places, throat slashed, and a body completely covered in blood, bruises and burns. As law requires, the officials asked to see the cell in which the alleged suicide occurred. Federal officials pulled rank and refused on the grounds that a federal investigation was underway. A federal investigation was not underway.”

Roberts goes on to document not only the many instances where the federal government “pulled rank,” but also began to intimidate and terrorize decent, moral, and dedicated public officials that were exhibiting a high level of integrity. They precluded the desired cover up of a heinous civil rights crime and tyrannical police state murder. Roberts points out that after the federal prison stalled Oklahoma state investigators and scrubbed the crime scene clean, they pressured Dr. Fred B. Jordan to file a false report to cover up the torture and murder of a defenseless prison inmate.

Unable to pressure Dr. Jordan into certifying that the murder victim tortured himself to death, liberalism’s compassionate federal goons sought testimony and certification from a fellow federal employee, Dr. Bill Gormley. Roberts writes: “Unable to secure from Dr. Jordan a ruling that Trentadue’s injuries were self-inflicted, the DOJ sought the cooperation of Dr. Bill Gormley, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. Dr. Gormley came to the same conclusion as Dr. Jordan and came under the same pressures.”

Roberts points out that Oklahoma State Medical Examiner Jordan became so terrorized that he contacted the IRS and asked to be audited to certify his taxes were in order, thereby precluding the federal government from using the mystique of our incomprehensible tax laws to lock him up and treat him as they had Trentadue. Income tax terrorism was the strategy the feds used against gangster Al Capone.

Recently, the compassion of American government was again uncovered via another blown cover-up, the Tiger Force Massacres. That atrocity can now be added to others: My Lai, the Waco Holocaust, Ruby Ridge, Wounded Knee, Sherman’s March, the slaughter of the Plains Indians, etc. And this cover-up can be added to: TWA 800, AA587, the JFK assassination, the Chandra Levy affair and murder, the 9-11 report, etc.

Several weeks back, 80 year-old Lester Campbell was arrested by New York City police for defending himself with a handgun after being mugged and robbed. New York City government dragged its feet approving Ron Dixon’s gun permit for a gun he brought with him when he moved to Brooklyn from a state where he was permitted to legally own it for self-defense. Dixon, a Navy veteran holding two jobs, used the gun to wound an intruder attacking his sleeping child. The New York City Police took away his gun, his means of defense, and the Brooklyn Prosecutor made him serve jail time for successfully protecting his child.

At about the same time as the New York City Dixon incident, another Navy veteran named Busa was involved in precisely the same scenario on the Left Coast. The intruder, much larger and stronger than the victim, was in the process of beating his five year-old son to death when the father interceded. The little boy almost died. But his father is gone, beaten to death by the intruder, the type of “citizen” liberals love and protect while they clamor for jailing the innocent for the vile crime of merely trying to protect themselves and their loved ones with a firearm.

And liberalism’s stellar gun control City of New York police Gestapo crashed down the door of 57 year-old Alberta Spruill, an employee of the City of New York getting ready to go to work. Based upon the false accusation from a drug-pushing criminal in custody, police broke into the old woman’s apartment in Harlem and gassed the place. She died of a heart attack. No drugs or contraband were found. And just as in the case of Nathaniel Jones, clubbed to death in Cincinnati last week for the capital offense of being drunk and disorderly, both Jones and Spruill died of heart attacks, thereby freeing up in the alleged minds of police state dimwits the absurdity that the beating or gassing didn’t cause their deaths. And of course, both Jones and Spruill were black, as was Amadou Diallo, gunned down by City Gestapo and shot 41 times for brandishing a wallet. And then there’s the case of Abner Louima, tortured and sodomized by New York’s finest with a broomstick for being BAD [Black, Arrested, Detained].

And again in Wacky Pataki’s police state of New York, and again in Mayor Bloomberg’s Rotten Apple, a 69 year-old black bodega clerk who was being held-up in Alberta Spruill’s Harlem back in May of this year, pulled a .22 caliber pistol and shot one of three armed robbers. You know the drill. Republicans Wacky Pataki and the City’s blooming idiot liberal billionaire mayor had the old man arrested for protecting himself. And this after a rash of hold-up murders in the Rotten Apple. The day before the bodega incident, a 40 year-old clerk at a St. Nicholas Avenue location in the Bronx experienced the same thing, but he didn’t have a gun. He was shot dead.

On November 17th, an Associated Press article posted on again highlights the professionalism and competency of the FBI. Entitled “FBI Lab Flaws Traced To 3,000 Cases,” the title alone clearly explains the issue: “More than six years after the FBI crime laboratory was rocked by controversy, the Justice Department has identified about 3,000 criminal cases that could have been affected by flawed science and skewed testimony.” And in another Associated Press story by Lolita C. Baldor of November 20th entitled, “FBI Handling of Mob Informants Condemned,” Baldor offers: “While probing organized crime in New England since the 1960s, the FBI used killers as informants, shielded them from prosecution and knowingly sent innocent people to jail, House investigators said Thursday in concluding a two-year inquiry. The bureau’s conduct ‘must be considered one of the greatest failures in the history of federal law enforcement,’ according to a final report from the House Government Reform Committee.”

Returning again to Dr. Roberts’ Trentadue piece, the FBI’s role is depicted in the closing paragraph: “In trying to find the truth … the last of a five-part series on the Trentadue case in the McCurtain Daily Gazette, J.D. Cash reports that FBI agents, desperate to silence the Trentadue family, have been conducting a criminal investigation into Jesse Trentadue [victim’s brother] for several years. Mr. Cash writes: ‘Contained in an internal FBI investigation report obtained by this newspaper, a FBI agent discusses legal strategies to use against one of their most vocal and effective critics: ‘by listing Jesse Trentadue as subject in another investigation, that would place him as a target of one of our investigations and this would also prohibit Jesse Trentadue from testifying before the Federal Grand Jury.’’ Law and order conservatives, who believe that the only wrong ever done by the criminal justice system is to under-punish the guilty, have much to learn from the Trentadue case.”

The foregoing example shows how federal bureaucracy can break every law in the book, manipulate around fair and just established law, or simply “govern” according to the principle that the might of government is superior to everyone and everything. And every weapon is used: the FBI, DOJ lawyers and prosecutors, the IRS and its goon squads, as well as all levels of American government and the federal military.

Now envision this reality against the backdrop of the USA Patriot Act. Envision this against the backdrop of gun control, the final objective of which is to totally disarm the American people in order to put all our fates and fortunes into the hands of government bureaucracies hoping for a compassionate man or woman not to abuse their exalted station. And while doing this, keep in mind the admonition of Lord Acton: “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely!”

And before going to press, this just out: “Police wrote Queens hospital worker George Pulido a summons for making an unreasonable noise because his son Christopher’s Winnie the Pooh balloon popped on the street,” writes Leo Strandora in the New York Daily News on December 5th. In his article entitled, “The most un-pop-ular bust of all?” Strandora goes on: “ ‘I couldn’t believe it,’ Pulido, 29, of Queens Village, said last night. ‘It was just a normal-size party balloon and it was an accident.’”

The article continues, “Pulido’s trip into the ticket twilight zone began innocently the afternoon of November 22 when he took his wife, Christina, 27, an accountant, and sons, Chris, 9, and Brandon, 19 months, to a kid’s birthday party at a friend’s home in the neighborhood. Chris was holding the balloon on a string as the family walked home when it suddenly got away from him at Parsons Blvd. and 105th St., hit the sidewalk and popped.”

“ ‘Three cops were at the curb in a car and one of them called me over and said he was giving me a ticket, Pulido said. He said he asked the cop, ‘Are you serious? You’re going to give me a ticket for balloon popping? The cop gave me a hard look and asked me, ‘Do you think popping a balloon is funny?’”

So there you have it sheeple: being drunk is punishable by being beaten to death on national television, popping a balloon, even if an accident, is not funny and ticketable according to the Rotten Apple’s finest police state Gestapo. And if you don’t testify against yourself when you file your 1040 with IRS, they may find it necessary to confiscate your dream home until such time that you can prove your innocence. As shooting victim James Brady asked after being shot in spite of being surrounded by a cordon of municipal police and federal agents: “Why do you need a gun when we have the police?”

Theodore E. Lang

© 2003 THEODORE E. LANG All rights reserved

Ted Lang is a political analyst and a freelance writer.


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