oes America have any right to put people to death only tor they were Muslims, and their only fault was that they were not Americans??? This is an open crime. You often hear that bombing was earned out by mistake. It is a lie and has no reality.A few days ago, America bombed Khost, saying there were AI-Qaeda resorts. They dropped a bomb on a mosque and said that the bombing was carried out by mistake. Later on, it was learnt that some ulama (religious scholars) were offering taraveeh prayer, and great guerrilla commander Maulana Jalaluddin Haqqani, who rejected the US occupation of Afghanistan, was due to arrive there. The mosque became target of the US bombing, and one hundred faithful died but Maulaiia Haqqani survived. May Allah give him a long life. The power is for Allah only.

This is an example of Crusaders' enmity towards Islam. The people, who are unaware of the situation, keep on repeating the same thing "we condemn terrorism." Our 'terrorism' is against America and if is a struggle against an oppressor to stop it from committing oppression, from supporting Israel who is killing our children. Don't you understand a simple and clear thing? America and its stooge western rulers often say that Al-Jihad and Hamas, which are operating in Palestine, are terrorist. If saving and defending oneself is "terrorism" then nothing should be lawful. Our way of defending and waging war is no different from that of our Palestinian brothers. We are waging jihad only for the sake of Islam's kalimah so that Allah's kalimah will be exalted and Kuffar's kalimah debased, and the weak will be saved from the oppressor. This is evident in Palestine and many other countries. Therefore, it is not right for a wise Muslim to find an excuse, because it is a very dangerous, fierce and worst crusade being waged against Islam.

At this time, the Muslim population is 1.2 billion, but from east to the west, they are being slaughtered. Their oppressed call from Palestine, Iraq. Somalia, Southern Sudan, Kashmir, Philippine. Bosnia, Chechnya and Asam is heard by no one. Thus, when an oppressed one goes forward making sacrifices for the sake of deen. the Kuffar raise hue and cry but they have no feeling about the oppression against millions of Muslims. Similarly, when a man goes forward io save his Muslim brothers, the voices of the Kuffar start rising as per the desire of their insurgent masters. They have no wisdom, no understanding.

A clear evidence of making sacrifice for the sake of kalimah "LA ILAHA IL ALLAH" is mentioned in the Hadith of boy, magician, king and monk. From this Hadith, we leave that (Divine) help does not depend on fulfilling the apparent orders of Islam. Rather (Divine) help ascends only when one remains adherent to the orders and teachings of Islam. This is also evidenced by the incident of the ditch-owners. Allah has made their mention in the Holy Quran with everlasting appreciation, because they had adhered to faith till last. They had been given two options - to give up faith or get ready to be put into fire. The Hadith of the boy says in the end that the ' king ordered to put the boy into fire. When his mother saw the fire, she | got worried about his son and drew back. The son said: "O mother, you arc in the right." Here, no Muslim would say that they got nothing and lost their lives. However, an ignorant person whose ignorance is enormous can say this. They became successful ' by winning Allah's pleasure and got into the Gardens forever, as promised by Allah. Thus, it is evident that help should not be seen in material perspective always. Rather, help arrives when one remains persistent in deen.

The Hadith of the boy, which has been related by Rasoolullah (sallallahu "Alaihi wasallam), describes that the boy picked up a stone nevertheless he, due to his lack of knowledge, was doubtful whether the monk or the magician was in the right. Animal was blocking their way. The boy said: "it will be known today whether the monk or the magician is in the right." The boy prayed to Allah: "O Allah! Let me know who of these is right. If You hold the monk dear then let this stone kill the animal." The boy threw the stone at the animal, and the animal died. The monk came to the boy and said " today you are superior to me'. The monk had knowledge and the boy not, but Allah had enkindled boy's heart with the light of faith, which made him sacrifice his life for the sake of "La ilaha il Allah".

This is the lovely and strange sentence the Muslim youth are waiting to heard from their Ulema. They are waiting that ulema say to the youth who endangered their lives for the sake of La ilaha il Allah : "today, you are superior to us," as the monk had said to the boy. it is a fact that in our deen one's superiority is on the basis set by Rasoolullah(Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) . Faith does not mean acquiring knowledge only. Rather, it means combination of knowledge and practice. So, the basis of faith is that "one who wages jihad by hand is a Mumin (true Muslim), one who wages jihad by tongue is a Mumin, one who wages jihad by heart is a Mumin, and there is not a little faith after that." These youth, by sacrificing their lives, waged jihad against the biggest Kafir. May Allah accept them as shaheed (martyr).

These youth are like a man who. according to a Hadith of Rasoolullah (sallallahu 'Alaihi wasallam), enjoined good upon the oppressive ruler and forbad him from the bad.

The oppressive ruler got him killed. The man would get the rank of the Leader of Martyrs. This Hadith is included in Sahih-ul-Jaame. Here, the word "man" is a common noun, which means "any man". Such a man would get a great success nevertheless he did not see the time of Sahaba, nor of their Tabaeen. But Allah Ta'ala would give him the rank of the Leader of the Martyrs. This is the action Rasoolullah (sallallahu 'Alaihi wasallam) called upon. So, how can a sensible Muslim say that "what did the man get by sacrificing his life"? Anyone who says this is astray without doubt. May Allah protect us.

These were a few youth whom Allah had enlightened with the truth. They proved that the leaders of the world Kuffar and their supporters were following the wrong and misleading path. All of these youth, sacrificed their lives for the sake of "La ilaha il Allah".

My talk about the big incidents is getting lengthy. So I cut short my talk. Jihad against America will continue economically and militarily. By the grace of Allah, America is in retreat and its economy is developing cracks ever-increasingly. But more attacks arc required. I advise the youth to find more of their (Kuffar's) economic hubs. The enemy can be defeated by attacking its economic centers. Before concluding, it deems fit to recall lyrically the valiant and dignified sons of the Ummah who wiped out the scar of disgrace from the forehead of the Ummah, and recall everyone who is following the path of Rasoolullah (sallallahu 'Alaihi wasallam).

But before that. I would like to clarity a critical point. The war being waged against the Arab mujahideen and Taliban has exposed the hollowness of the US government and army. With all its modern military technology, America could not achieve anything at its own. It got some success by using the renegades and hypocrites. Is there any difference left between Babrik Karmil and Burhanuddeen Rabbani. Babrik Karmil invited Russia to occupy Afghanistan, and Burhanuddeen Rabbani called America to invade Afghanistan. "Deen" attached to Burhanuddeen's name is excluded from him.

This is a clear sign of the impotence of the US army. We should take this opportunity, and the youth should carry on jihad activities against America. Now I conclude by reciting some poetic verses in the honour of those who had come from Hijaz, from Ghamid, Harab and Najd (may Allah accept them as martyrs), and those who had come from Mukkah Mukaramah. namely Salim Nawaf AI-Hazmi and Khalid-ul-Muzar, and those who had come from Madinah Munawarrah. abandoning the world and its luxuries, just for the sake of " La ilaha il Allah".

Translation Of Poetic Verses:

I hear witness that each of them was sharper than a cutting sword. Tribute to those who oft jump into troubles and mate fierce attacks.

Huge difference is between the common people and those who have sold their lives to their Lard. They take a smiling look at death, while sword gazes at them frowningly. They make their chests into shields if an oppressor bites us with pointed teeth.

Our lands are bleeding, and the oppressors are making fierce attacks. Shining of spears and neighing of horses have faded.

Sounds of drums and trumpets declared destruction. At that moment, they rose like a storm and brought down the enemy's palaces and rowed not to stop attacking until the enemy pulls out of their homes.

Wassalaam alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

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