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Global Environment

Restoring Scientific Integrity

The United States has an impressive history of investing in the capabilities and respecting the independence of scientists. This legacy has brought us sustained economic progress, science-based public health policy, and unequaled scientific leadership within the global community. However, actions by the Bush administration threaten to undermine this legacy, and as a result, policy decisions are being made that have serious consequences for our health, safety, and environment.

Species Endangered from Scientific Abuses?
UCS survey shows that political interference in science at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is preventing the agency from protecting endangering fish, seal, and whale populations. 

House of Representatives bans political litmus tests for federal advisory committees. more...   

Biologists Ordered to Ignore Science: More than 160 scientists protest a new U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service policy prohibiting the use of current science to protect endangered wildlife. more...

The Scientists' Statement
More than 6,000 scientists have called for reforms to end the abuse of science, including 48 Nobel Laureates and 62 National Medal of Science recipients.

Citizens' Call to Action
Encourage our nation's policy makers to preserving the core values in science and science-based decision-making. more...

Across a broad range of issues—from childhood lead poisoning and mercury emissions to climate change, reproductive health, and nuclear weapons—the administration is distorting and censoring scientific findings that contradict its policies; manipulating the underlying science to align results with predetermined political decisions; and undermining the independence of science advisory panels by subjecting panel nominees to political litmus tests that have little or no bearing on their expertise; nominating non-experts or underqualified individuals from outside the scientific mainstream or with industry ties; as well as disbanding science advisory committees altogether.

These activities are of grave concern to members of the scientific community as well as to those who rely on government information to inform policy decisions. But they should also concern the American public, which places its trust in the government as an honest broker of scientific information and one that will protect our health and safety. 

Join with the Union of Concerned Scientists as we call for legislative and regulatory action to restore scientific integrity to federal policymaking.

Learn More about this Campaign

Read the UCS ReportsScientific Integrity in Policymaking and and update to the report chronicle and corroborate numerous incidents where the Bush administration has misused science to support its political agenda.

Scientists: Sign the Statement—Join with more than 6,000 of the country's leading scientists (including Nobel laureates, leading medical experts, former federal agency directors, and university chairs and presidents) to call for immediate action on this issue.

Take Action—Citizens and scientists alike can get involved by sharing information about the abuse of science in classrooms and community meetings, at scientific society events, with the media and decision-makers, or at a scientific integrity roundtable at a university near you.

Spread the Word—Tell colleagues, family, and friends about our efforts to halt the Bush administration's dangerous practices and help restore the integrity of science in federal policymaking. Only the power of numbers will force the administration to change its behavior.

Report Abuses—Do you work in a federal agency or have you participated on a scientific panel where you have seen science compromised? Use the anonymous form to report abuses.

Support Our Efforts—Join the Union of Concerned Scientists to ensure we have the resources to make this campaign successful.

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