Along with many similar boards we are being plagued by SPAM applications. This section has been created to let genuine applicants know how to join the forum


Postby HarryStottle » Mon Sep 25, 2006 11:32 am

Welcome to my shiny new forum - upgraded August 2013.

Along with many other similar boards we've been plagued with SPAM applications from people who just want you to buy something and, if you're lucky, you might even pick up a dose of malware along the way.

For which reason, I have disabled "Board Registration" and handle all new membership personally.

This is what genuine applicants need to do.

1 Create your first contribution. (Unless you intend to contribute to the discussion, there is no need to join. Anyone, even the spammers, is welcome to read the stuff)

2 Send it to me using the address harrystottle at fullmoon dot nu. Use a subject heading for your email which includes the phrase "RTP FORUM POST" (this will ensure that my anti-spam filters let it through)

3 Include the forum and topic titles that you want your contribution to be posted under. If its a reply to an existing post, please include the url of the relevant post.

4 Choose a username and include that. (I'll set an initial password. You should change it once you're logged in)

5 If you have a personal (NOT COMMERCIAL) website, and want other users to know it, include that information too.

I will, of course, ignore the obvious spammers, even if they proceed as above. Of course, the requirement to make a valid contribution should eliminate all but the most desperate.

Apologies for having to introduce this hurdle but I figured that for genuine applicants, it doesn't represent any significant increase in effort (if they were going to contribute anyway) so the only people for whom the effort should be a deterrent are precisely the abusive bastards we can all do without.


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