Resources Wasted on Killing Each Other and Maintaining Divisions between Rich and Poor

In 2003, the Gross Domestic Product of the 30 richest nations in the world was a little more than $US 29 Trillion.

In 1987, just before the "Cold War" came to its end, Global military spending reached $1.26 Trillion. By 1998, the figure had reduced to $839 billion - it looked like the world might be coming to its senses. (see the Year 2000 Campaign to Redirect World Military Spending to Human Development Campaign Statement)

In 2000, however, Military spending began to increase again - significantly before 9-11. Globally, some 2.6% of our global output is committed to maintaining the means of killing each other. But, as the Stockholm Institute records reveal (registration required) ,the increase in the US Military budget alone between 2002 and 2003, at $90 billion, was twice as large as the ENTIRE Military budget of any other nation.

Meanwhile, for most of the last 30 years, up to 800 million humans have been living and dying below the minimum nutritional levels required to maintain reasonable levels of human functionality. They are officially victims of Malnutrition. Their inability to feed themselves sustains a vicious circle. They underperform and cannot thus help themselves to "grow" out of their deprived situation.

The causes of famine are complex but, mostly, it seems, due to the policies decided and enforced by the richer nations.

What is clear is that there are NO Global food shortages, only a failure to distribute what we already have.

So what would it cost to raise the nutrition of the starving 800 million to healthy and productive levels?

According to ex democrat Senator, George McGovern, its around $5 billion a year.

Danish author, Tor Norretranders, argues for $40 billion and mentions the Netaid estimate of $13 billion. Most other estimates fall between these two markers.

Lets assume the higher estimate is valid. What it amounts to is a general understanding that if just 4% of the money currently dedicated to killing each other were redirected to feeding those who need it, then human starvation could be virtually eliminated.


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