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California Votes To Legalize 2016

A melting POT of all marijuana news and information, the site keeps you informed on the the latest medical policies, teaches you how to cook with cannabis, informs you of advocacy news and support and educates you on how to grow your own marijuana.

Probably the Tipping Point. The West Coast (ignoring Arizona) is now Legal. 20% of the US Population can indulge without State harrassment. Trump may be psychotic, so we can't rely on anything he says, but he is on record as wanting to leave such matters up to the States. Which means he won't be supporting moves to led the Feds ramp up there war on the States. We shall see.

Where Weed is Legal in USA after 2016 Elections 7 States fully Legal and 26 Medical.
Weed - by Dr Sanjay Gupta The most important development in the counter-propaganda war against the Drug Warriors. I would argue that this documentary has single-handedly transformed the debate in the USA.
([Edit Nov 2016] and made the 2016 Successes possible)
Weed 2 - by Dr Sanjay Gupta Gupta's follow up focusses on the political battle to resist the obvious conclusions of his first documentary
Grass - The Movie - must see!

(revised link again 2015
If you haven't already seen this, stop what you're doing and go and watch it online right now. Then tell all your friends about it. It's been out for years, but I only learned it was online in 2005 (from "Stop The Lie" - thanks Joe). 
Relief Treats
  Good to see the normalisation of Cannabis Commerce. This site is an example of the growing legal trade in accessories, though I had trouble figuring out where they're based. Probably for sound security reasons! Gotta love their Marketing Director's headshot on the "About" page. Fresh from sampling the warez I'd wager...
The Complete Guide to Medical Marijuana for Seniors More than half the USA has now legalised the use of Cannabis for medicinal purposes. This guide details that history and provides a useful guide to the actual areas of benefit.
Hey Crackhead OK, it's not about the holy weed. But it is about responsible use of your recreational drug of choice. And it is very funny.
If you Support Keeping Drugs Illegal A neatly condensed summary of the case.
Cannabis a medical miracle - it's official Just (Feb 2007) dug this one up from The Observer: 4 November 2001
Pat Tabram Guilty of Pain Relief Despite which - 6 years later, the State still refuses to admit the medically obvious and we get defiant Granny Pat Tabram vowing to continue medicating with Cannabis. Will the State be stupid enough to lock her up? (BBC 7 March 2007)

RSA 2 year Study Concludes UK Drugs Policy "Not Fit For Purpose"

The law as it stands is not fit for purpose. The principal
statute, the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, is now more than thirty years old. It is unwieldy, inflexible and at some points addresses problems that no longer exist. It fails to embrace alcohol, tobacco and other harmful substances. It is driven more by ‘moral panic’ than by a practical desire to reduce harm. It relies too heavily on discretion in its enforcement. It sends people to prison who should not be there. It forces people into treatment who do not need it (while, in effect, denying treatment to people who do need it). Efforts to implement the law as it stands waste a great deal of money. Not least, the law as it stands embodies a classification of illegal drugs that is crude, ineffective, riddled with anomalies and open to political manipulation.

I'll have to count them but I think this is something like the 20th successive report in either the US or UK in the last 100 years to reach broadly similar conclusions about the War on Drugs. This one echoes most of the previous findings but does contain one little political bombshell (if it was ever implemented) viz:

If ministers reject the advice of their scientific advisers, the new Misuse of Substances Act should require them
to state formally and publicly their reasons for doing so

Given that politicians have routinely commissioned and ignored all the previous reports, to date, this single recommendation could have the power to break the logjam. Having to explain their "moral panic" in public might be enough to embarrass them into changing the policy. (RSA March 8 2007)

If that link breaks (again) here is my cached copy of the pdf


The Emperor Wears No Clothes

This is the book that started the hemp revolution. More than 600,000 copies have been sold to date. The print version of The Emperor Wears No Clothes is available in Jack's Hemporium. Jack wants this information to be available to everyone, so he has published the text of the book here on the internet for free. This is only half of what is actually in the book. If you want all the source material and graphics, please buy a copy of the book.

You know how Gideon's Bible is left in hotels around the world? This book should be left alongside it.
Quotes from Terence Mckenna Transcribed - by "dope smoker" on April 25, 2011 - from a 1991 interview Trialogue with Ralph Abraham, Rupert Sheldrake.
Cannabis passes final tests in MS trials New Scientist 5 November 2002
Cannabis extract shrinks brain tumours New Scientist August 2004
Brian Bennett's Drug War Statistics Resource Portal Brian has collected more statistical resources on Drug War related data than any other single site on the web. If you're looking for any relevant published stats, this is where you're most likely to find it. He's also a friend and collaborator.
Cannabis now largest cash crop in USA Jon Gettman 2006 - the value of the crop is a little under 36 billion dollars. You'd think the taxman would want to get a slice of that action.
Cannabis study shows it's NOT a Gateway Drug Yeah, you know that and I know that, but now NIDA knows it too. Which means they're forced to admit it officially. (Alternet 19 December 2006)
Cannabis proven pain killer more effective than Morphine a University of California study has found that for at least one debilitating condition, known as peripheral neuropathy, Cannabis not only works but is the ONLY thing that works. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for all sufferers, but nothing else works for any. (Alternet 22 Feb 2007)
Cannabis and Lung Cancer - the medical conflicts Pay particular attention to the work of Donald P Tashkin who you will find in both columns. (Pro and Con). In 1997 he published research claiming a link. In 2005 he changed his mind. But scroll down the 2005 report a little and you'll that he is even forced to accept that his data provides significant (but inconclusive) evidence that Cannabis actually has a protective effect. It actually reduced the probability of Lung Cancer, compared to non users.
Even Fox News had to cover the Tashkin story!  

Cannabis Suppresses Tumours

not even the cure for cancer is a big enough story to crack the Berlin Wall of media censorship in this country. Toss in the facts that the cure appears to be a benign substance that has been illegal for 63 years, and that the government knowingly suppressed evidence of its curative powers 25 years, and you get twice the story and twice the censorship.

and the US Government knew about it and hid the results from 1974 on. (Project Censored May 2000)

Cannabis may prevent virus induced Cancer

Scientists have discovered the active ingredient, delta-9-tetrahydrocannibol can block the spread of gamma herpes viruses. The viruses are linked to an increased risk of the cancers Kaposis sarcoma, Burkitts lymphoma and Hodgkins disease. The research, by the University of South Florida, is published in the online journal BMC Medicine.

BBC Sept 2004
The Benefits of Marijuana speak for themselves
The Benefits of Hemp Forget the pleasures of getting stoned, Hemp is a wonder material in its own right
Buy your Cannabis Seeds here!  
A Lawyer Makes the case for Legalizing Methamphetamine!  
Cannabis: The Scientific And Medical Evidence by The House of Lords, Science and Technology Committee, 4 Nov 1998
The New Scientist Special Issue on Marijuana  
Medical Marijuana History  
DRCNet: The Drug Reform Coordination Network   
New York Times cannabis-related articles   
NORML - Working to Reform Marijuana Laws   
Schaffer Library of Drug Policy  
Fooling the Bladder Cops  
DEA - Publications - Speaking Out Against Drug Legalization  
Drug War Facts   
A Cannabis Campaigners Guide by The UKCIA:  
General Campaigners Guide


Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp (CRRH)  
Why is Marijuana Illegal? A Brief and readable summary of the history of the criminalisation of Cannabis.
(the Late) Paul Flynn MP The first UK MP with the courage to campaign for legalisation. Sadly no longer with us  Vaporiser Reviews
Coffee Shop Guru Amsterdam Based Source of Cannabis News and Views - and even Produce!  
Recreational Cannabis Legal in 33 States (2019) The War is being Won.  
Chapter 11 "War on Drugs"

This is the introduction to my own contribution to the topic

There are two forms of Cannabis Psychosis. The first is a treatable clinical condition which affects about 3% of the young (largely) male users of the drug who tend to overindulge in their teenage years. Those most at risk are those who have a genetic predisposition to psychosis, particularly if they have inherited two copies of a specific genetic variation. Fortunately, in most cases, if they stop consuming, the symptoms clear up without further treatment.

The second form causes far more long term damage. It is an untreatable social condition which affects about 25% of those who have never consumed Cannabis. It is a deeply rooted sub-clinical phobia usually triggered by a religiously inspired fear of the liberating effects - in other people - of intoxication. This is often combined with a monomaniacal desire to control the behaviour of other people. The net result is a dangerous form of anti-social behaviour which has produced a form of low level warfare within society between those who wish to consume Cannabis and other recreational drugs and those whose mission in life is to stop them. This warfare - commonly referred to as "The War On Drugs" has been going on since - at least - the 1920s. Here we seek to explore this psychotic behaviour.

Last Updated 13 May 2020