Extropianism (Transhumanism)
is the philosophy that we can, and should, try to overcome our biological limits by means of reason, science and technology.

Extropians/Transhumanists seek things like intelligence augmentation, increased strength and beauty, extreme life extension, sustainable mood enhancement and the capability to get offplanet and explore the universe.

These goals are to be achieved with the aid of contemporary and future technologies such as AI, mind uploading, nanotechnology, genetic engineering and cryonics. In other words, (hardcore) extropians/transhumanists seek to become posthuman (demi-)gods - 'persons of unprecedented physical, intellectual and psychological capacity, self-programming, self-constituting, potentially immortal, unlimited individuals'.

It is a fairly common belief among extropians/transhumanists that the pace of technological progress will accelerate enormously within the next century, ultimately resulting in a period of extremely fast and profound social and technological change, after which nothing can be reliably conceived; the Singularity.


Extropian/Transhumanist Sites:

Extropy Institute

The Life Extension Foundation

HedWeb -- The Hedonistic Imperative
The Hedonistic Imperative outlines how genetic engineering and nanotechnology will abolish suffering in all sentient life

Human Genome Sciences


National Biocomputation Center

World Transhumanist Association (WTA)

Transhuman World Culture InfoMark


Contemporary Renaissance Futures

Factasia Fantasy, philosophy and logic

Alexander "Sasha" Chislenko's Transhumanist Website

The MIT Extropians

Foundations of Transhumanism
This is a project to lay out the foundations of a transhumanist philosophy. A selected number of cutting-edge texts on the key issues are presented in a systematic way

Skyful of Stars
A site devoted to speculation about trends, technologies, and social structure in the near and far future

Libertarian Futurist Society

The New Civilization Network
The New Civilization Network (NCN) is a global network of people visualizing a better world and working on building it. A world of increased quality of life, freedom, fun and inspiration for all. A world where the needs of all of humanity are met

Vernor Vinge on the Singularity

Five Things You Can Do To Fight Entropy Now

Future History timeline

Cyborgs and Postmodern Bodies

Self-Transformation And Extreme Longevity

Cyberlewis.com -- Transhuman Topics

Gopher Resources on Futurology


Some Other Definitions of Extropianism/Transhumanism:
What is Transhumanism?
By Nick Bostrom

Transhumanism and Extropianism
By Greg Burch

Introductory Texts about Transhumanism
Compiled by Anders Sandberg

The Transhumanist FAQ

The Transhumanist Declaration (2.4)

The Extropian Principles V. 3.0

Mailing Lists & Newsgroups:

Extropy Institute mailing lists
Unmoderated, for everything related to (extropian) transhumanism. The main ("extropians") list is generally high traffic, the rest low/medium traffic

CryoNet mailing list
An unmoderated, medium traffic list (in digest form only) for discussing matters related to cryonics, the experimental procedure whereby patients who no longer can be kept alive with today's medical abilities are preserved at low temperature for treatment in the future

USENET sci.cryonics newsgroup
Unmoderated, medium/low traffic general cryonics discussion

USENET sci.nanotech newsgroup
Moderated, for discussion of things related to molecular nano technology